Art direction, Motion design, Web development


Workshop at ECV Digital.



My role

Art Direction – Motion design – HTML / CSS



A Haïku is a japanese poem of seventeen syllables in 3 short lines that don’t rhyme.


« Ce couchant d’automne
on dirait
le pays des ombres »

by 松尾武将

The purpose of the workshop was to give life to a Haïku on a screen. It could be a website, but above all, a digital experience.

I wanted to play with the contrast between day and night. Shadows, during the day are familiar, and natural because the sun give them life. But at night, shadows are more inconsistant and surprising. That’s why I had the idea to put some little monsters, hiding in shadows. These monsters are a reference to the Soot Sprites or Susuwatari, from My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away.

The cool feature in this project, is that the user has to hide the camera of his laptop to get the transition between day and night. As if the webcam was the sun in the world of this Haïku.


In technical terms, I used JS animations on SVG forms I got in Photoshop. Then, for the transition, I used the Ambiant Light Sensor API to get access of how many lumen the webcam can record at a given moment. Sadly, I did not manage to make it work properly. And the one week time limit was not enough for me to do that.


But hey, anyway, here’s what it could look like with some After Effect preview !