Art direction, Brand identity

Project infos

Real project designed at the ECV Digital school (Nantes)


March 2019

My role

UX / UI Designer



« On the outskirts of Nantes, in Rezé, where once stood a slaugtherhouse, a new city rises. As a nod to this wasteland’s transformation, the shed skin of a snake bigger than life is welcoming visitors. Cars are settling randomly on the deserted landscape, a circus tent is erected, a carousel starts to spin and a former tugboat found its way onshore for its final stopover: Transfert. »

by Pick Up Productions

The purpose of a new design was to retranscribe the special atmosphere of the site in Rezé. For me this feeling is due to the materials used and their special textures. Another feeling I got when I was at Transfert was the disorganised organisation : everything looked completely messy and random but if you take a closer look, you’ll see the organisation behind it.

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