Les Autres Possibles

Webdesign, Motion design


ECV Digital project, real project


Novembre 2018

My role

Photo shooting / Stop motion on Lightroom + Photoshop

Motion design on After effect

Webdesign on Figma


Les Autres Possibles is a local magazine with varied topics like environmentally-friendly alternatives for example. The magazine can be unfold : on one side there’s an illustrated map, on the other, there’s articles on one topics.

A reader as a special feeling when he unfold this magazine. It’s about the paper in his hands. So we asked ourselves a question : how could we transpose this feeling into a website ?

That’s how we decided to use a stop motion technique to create a video. This is the user first connection with the mag online, so he has to feel what I described earlier.

In the « Magazine des Autres Possibles » (MAP) you can see many jokes and puns, especially in the title of each issue. That’s why you can see some jokes or references in a handwritten type. Moreover, we’ve had some hands to emphasize that it’s a magazine to fold and unfold.

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The collection

The heart of our project was « The collection ». It’s where you can navigate, discover all the MAP. Each one has its own graphic universe. Again, you click and drop to navigate, as if you were looking at a road map.

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